Class 2


Class 2 is a mixed class of pupils in years 3-6 who work collaboratively together in a creative environment where every day, learning is carried out in an exciting and challenging way.

The class is taught by Mrs Dunn and supported by Mrs Field (HLTA), Mrs Casswell and Mrs O’Brien

In Class 2 we strive hard to receive merits for good behaviour, a positive attitude, being kind and working hard, this enables us to gain bronze, silver and gold star badges. An incredible piece of work is displayed weekly on our ‘Hulk’ board which aims to inspire us through other’s success. We also have a ‘Star of the Week’ as well as termly VIPs for children who have excelled.

Class 2 pride themselves on having a good work ethic and always trying to be the best they can be. We know that it is okay to make mistakes and that we can learn from them. We aim to challenge ourselves, treat each other with respect and take risks when we know it is safe to. We enjoy the responsibility of having buddies in Class 1 and ensure that they are supported in the playground and other unstructured times.

Each term we study a different area of the world, most recently we have looked at life in Ancient Egypt which commenced with an Egyptian art day when we created some very scary looking masks as well as some stunning pictures of the pyramids. We regularly welcome visitors into our school to enhance our curriculum alongside having trips out too.

We continue to make community links to help bring the curriculum to life, we have sold poppies in a local supermarket and welcomed WW2 veterans into our school to share their experiences with us.