Class 1


At Harlestone Primary School the Class One teachers are Mrs Haywood and Mrs Thomas. They have three teaching assistants that help in the classroom called Mrs Field, Mrs O'Brien and Miss Slinn. The Reception, Year One and Year Two children work together in a friendly, hardworking and aspirational environment. Our classroom is made up of four learning zones, including an art area and an outdoor space which features a wooded area.


Each term the class go on an imaginary and exciting learning journey to somewhere in the world, including ‘India’ and the ‘Frozen Planet’. The classroom and curriculum are transformed to help the children imagine what is like to be a part of these different environments or cultures. We like to make full use of our local community and the skills of our parents to help bring this curriculum to life for the children. For example, we recently had a visit from a grandparent who was once an Antarctic explorer, and a local resident is helping the children to weave a scarf for him in case he plans to make a return visit!


Our topics begin with a Stunning Start, which follows with a Marvellous Middle and the grand finale is a Fantastic Finish. This might include a special visitor, a wow day or a school trip. We strive to give the children experiences that will inspire, consolidate and embed learning. We pride ourselves on the fact these will be the days the children remember long into the future.


We reward good manners, good attitude, good effort and good progress with merits. The accumulation of merits is then rewarded with bronze, silver and gold star badges. We also have a star of the week, who gets to take home our class mascot and record an entry in his travel log. Our class bear is well travelled, well fed and well loved!


In Class One we want more than anything for our children to develop a passion for learning, and to equip them with the foundations for learning beyond the classroom. This included  being able to cope with setbacks and striving to improve in all subjects. We teach the children that in mixed aged classes everybody has something to learn and something to give. We like to make visitors feel very welcome.